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What Is The Treatment For Substance Abuse?

Drug addiction treatment is intended to aid individuals cease compulsive drug seeking and use behaviours. Treatment may occur in a broad variety of settings, take many different courses to the end goal of sobriety.

Our team serves to do much more than just break the cycle of ongoing addiction, our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation will enable the three core principals of success which include physical, psychological and the spiritual healing of each new client.

Individualised one-on-one treatment based on a unique trauma-resolution model is the hallmark of Recovery Direct. We take a different approach to treatment (non 12-step) by acknowledging that the root cause of addiction lies in a traumatic experience which happened in childhood or later in life. Our multi-disciplined clinical team work together to ensure a highly focused recovery process for every client.

The format of treatment includes:

Practitioners use evidence-based treatment and an integrated care protocol to improve the quality of life for all of their patients and to enhance their mental, emotional and social wellbeing. Compliance is critical to achieve results and while addiction is certainly not a problem of willpower, the willingness to receive help is critical to recovery. Our continuum of care model ensures that attention to detail is given to each stage of the recovery process: from inpatient care to outpatient care.


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Individual counselling for drug addictions has proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat addictions and for clients to sustain their lasting sobriety and meaningful personal growth. Many people think that substances are the core of the addiction problem. However, substances are very often a temporary solution or coping mechanism used by the person to cope with deeper issues that exist in their emotional wellbeing. These emotional layers form over time and may need to be addressed through more focused talk therapy or addiction counselling.