Drug Rehab in Cape Town Services

Exclusive Drug Rehab Centres in Cape Town

State of the art multi-functional suites, each decked out in Victorian colonial style with en-suite bathrooms, panoramic views and balconies, offer outstanding accommodation for guests who want a comfortable and upmarket rehab experience.

Treatment Programme

Quite possibly the single biggest draw card to luxury addiction treatment in Cape Town is the ability to tap into so many professional services under one roof. At Recovery Direct the dedicated one-on-one professionally led counselling teams work directly with patients on a daily basis formulate a highly specific and bespoke therapeutic plan that is tailored to each client.

Mind Body Soul Food

Meals are prepared by top chefs and all the details of your stay are taken care of. The staff at Recovery Direct are committed and dedicated to providing you with a safe space and attending to your requests respectfully and efficiently which is what makes it possibly the best rehab in South Africa.

Exclusive Cape Town Location

Recovery direct is located in one of Cape Town’s most beautiful and iconic suburbs, Constantia. Nestling in a quiet suburban road, with a backdrop of rolling vineyards, ancient oaks and mountains, the centre offers a perfect and tranquil environment for recovery. Within South Africa alone, there are countless opportunities before or after your treatment to explore nature, embark on adventures and take in the beauty and richness South Africa has to offer. This is especially important after treatment in order to stay busy and active.


Drug Rehab in Cape Town Services

Individual counselling for drug addictions has proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat addictions and for clients to sustain their sobriety. Many people think that addiction is the core problem. However, substance use disorders are more often a temporary method to self sooth and cope with other issues that need to be addressed through counselling therapy.